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Financial Aid

With a budget of over $4 million, our financial aid program assists more than 150 qualified students to make a Saint Andrew’s education financially feasible. 

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Aid is awarded on the basis of a family’s demonstrated need. “Need” is defined as the difference between tuition plus expenses and a family’s potential expected contribution. To help evaluate demonstrated need, Saint Andrew’s School partners with Clarity, a user-friendly, intuitive, mobile-responsive financial aid platform.

The methodology for determining what a family might reasonably be expected to contribute toward educational expenses considers income, assets, liabilities, and expenses of the student and the parents. It also considers the age of the parent(s), family size and any additional children in tuition charging schools. Ultimately the formula seeks to determine a family’s discretionary income – the income over which a family has the choice as to how it is spent.

Every student that applies for admission to Saint Andrew’s School in Boca Raton, Florida, may also apply for financial aid. Often, more families qualify for financial aid than we are able to fund and, as a result, there may be some families who qualify for aid to whom we are unable to make an award. Since the admission application and financial aid application are two separate processes, a student may be accepted to Saint Andrew’s School but may not be offered financial aid. Though we make every effort to meet a family’s demonstrated need, we may not be able to do so in every case.

As an independent school, Saint Andrew's does not accept federal or state funding or scholarships, as these funds and scholarships may impose significant constraints and obligations on the school - particularly as it relates to operational and programmatic oversight, reporting, and compliance with stated and federal requirements. The school reserves the right to make decisions about the acceptance of outside educational funding, including but not limited to governmental, corporate, and/or private sources. For any queries regarding tuition and aid, please contact our Admission team.

How to Apply

Saint Andrew's School has switched to Clarity as our financial aid application system. Clarity offers a streamlined and user-friendly application process that can take as few as 20 minutes to complete. It is mobile-friendly and and can be accessed through your phone or tablet. In addition, your 1040 and W2 documents from 2023 will automatically be transferred from the IRS when you complete the verification step, so you will no longer need to manually upload tax documents. 

We know you may have questions about Clarity. Please reach out to us with any questions. We also invite you to review the Clarity FAQ document and introductory video.

For current Saint Andrew's families receiving financial aid: Complete the Clarity Application, including a 2023 year-end pay stub, must be completed by December 15, 2023.

For new families
: To be considered for financial aid, families must complete the following by January 15, 2024:

1) Complete the Clarity Application: To get started, please go to the Clarity Application and create an account. At the end, please remember to return to the Clarity dashboard to upload your 2023 year-end pay stubs. We will not accept paper copies of tax or financial documents.

2) Submit Completed 2023 Tax Returns and All schedules to Clarity by May 1, 2024

Financial aid Decisions: Financial aid applications completed by January 15, will receive priority consideration while applications received after January 15, will be considered as funds are available. Decisions will be included with your admission notification.

Frequently Asked Questions